On Hell

I want to view Hell
Tired of seeing it frame by frame
I want to see it all – and drown in it
Then come back from the dead
With a clear view from my head…

A Fathers Measure

My Fathers presence – still echoes from me.

Ringing through – the halls of time.

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Knowledge controls our Perception
Knowledge is Universal Currency

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Running in the Cold

It was cold
Devil stole a soul
Angel dropped some gold

And the Sun came up like a God…

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The Universe

Before you judge a pull from the Universe, measure what it pushs…


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As I embraced my Girl
Loving, breathing, feeling
And daylight fades to breeze…

I seen in my mind
As reality unwinds
We are but Skeletons – just beneath

Alien Technology
Ancient Evolutions
Bio Machines
Mystical Mannequins
Lost Hominids

And it suddenly felt strange
Viewing two Skeletons embracing
From powers of a Mage…

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The Moving River

When trying to accomplish something:

-Think outside the box
-Think of your competition

Just – Keep Moving

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Heat Lamp

Silver Sun Ocean
Insect Hum Commotion

Sun Stained Vision
Trace Objects with Silver Over Exposure

Clay Cloud Dust
Poisonous Pollen

Earth Crust

Sun Burned Cans
Indian Tans

Red Rusted Cars
Tobacco Butt Tars

Burn Blister Day

The Worst Thirst
Dry Eye
Dry Sky

I Die

Scorched Air Glare

Sweat Beads
Are My Crown In This Town…

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Your Heart

Life’s Spark – Starts the Heart

Life’s Mark – Follows the Heart

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Vampire Verse – 2

Sun fear

Clouds smoke smooth
Like white light undaunted
Smoking sky clusters – hiding my magic moon

Hide not my mirrored moon
For the searing yellow sun torch
Burning blatent black – cinder blisters

Comes soon
So – Soon

A – Swoon

Running ram-pit
Wild Wicked

I fade
Into Shade

Slipping so stark
Within my blackish darken
Velvet dark

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